What I Saw On TV Today

I was watching MSNBC and they were doing a teaser for a story coming after the commercial break, going on and on about the dress Michelle Obama was wearing for the inaugural ball. They were all, “Oh, is she the new fashion leader? Move over Paris and Milan!” For about two whole minutes! They also managed to suggest that the Obama children were also fashion leaders (?). Then, without any segue or other transition, they went to commercial by saying “This is MSNBC, the place for politics.”


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2 Responses to “What I Saw On TV Today”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’m just thankful that it wasn’t two minutes about what Sarah Palin was wearing.

  2. Derek Says:

    Y’know, in the past I’ve attempted to defend, to a certain extent, the fact that the 24-hour news networks have to do something to fill the time. But I’m officially fed up with this bullshit.

    It’s not just the fact that it’s not hard news. Why should what a woman is wearing make a bit of difference in the first place? You’ll notice the same kind of attention is never paid to what male public servants are wearing. Unless, of course, they’re not wearing a god-damned American flag lapel pin. No one pays any attention to the fact that Joe Biden looks like a fake-tan freak, but as soon as Hillary Clinton wears an outfit that’s not quite flattering, everyone’s questioning her ability to govern.

    Note: I never supported Clinton in the primaries, I just think it’s a load of bollocks.

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